The system allows drivers to be more productive, work safer, and stay on the job longer. Drivers are the link between your company and your customers. By increasing driver retention CooLift helps your company build and maintain valuable customer relationships.

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Hydraulic lifting system Allows steady, stable raising and lowering of products without manual lifting. Pump back-up system is provided in case of power outage. 6-wheel design Center tilt design allows drivers to move loads easily over thresholds and bumps. Rear swivel non-marking casters provide 360-degree maneuverability in store aisles and 85% of coolers.

Extruded aluminum frame Strong but lightweight, the unit has a clean, professional look. Ergonomic handles offer exceptional control and comfort. Battery 24-volt battery system may be charged from a standard wall unit or onboard a properly equipped delivery vehicle.

Battery cannot be overcharged. Fully-charged battery will last through a typical delivery day. Hydraulic dual wheel disc brake system Provides both speed and holding control. Allows drivers to slow, stop or retain up to a 1,500-pound load safely and easily.


Dimensions Capacity Case Load
1524 x 482 x 1574mm     540kg     40
1524 x 482 x 1574mm     610kg     45
1524 x 482 x 1574mm     680kg     50


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