60lt Slim Jim


Rubbermaid Slim Jim 60lt

  • The industry standard in space-saving waste management.
  • Efficient size and shape fits tight spaces.
  • Durable, all-plastic construction is easy to clean and provides long life.
  • Most specified containers behind bars and desk side.


Venting Channels – Makes removing liners 80% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury.

Bag Clinches – Secure liners around the rim of the container and allow for quick, knot-free liner changes.

Base and Rim Handles – Improve grip and control while lifting and emptying full containers

Multiple Dolly Options – Allow for effective collection and transportation of multiple Slim Jim containers.


Reinforced Rim – Maintains structural integrity to resist crushing

Commercial-Grade Construction – With high quality resin material

Robust Rim Handles – Resists tearing and damage during lifting and moving



Colour and Part Numbers
1955959 Black, 1971258 Grey, 1971259 Beige
Dimensions assembled
558 L x 279 W x 632 H mm
Lids Available:
2703-60 Black – Swing Lid
2674 Black – Hinged Lid
2703-88 Blue –  Paper Recycling Lid
2688-88 Grey – Handle Top
2692-88 Red, Green, Yellow – Bottle and Can Top
Dollys Available:

1968468 – Single Stainless Steel Dolly

1956191 – Double Stainless Steel Dolly
1980602 – Trainable Resin Dolly

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Download PDF


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